reactor magnox

reactor magnox
magnox reactor.

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  • Magnox — Diagrama esquemático de un reactor nuclear Magnox mostrando el flujo del gas. Obsérvese que el intercambiador de calor está en el exterior del escudo protector de la radiación de cemento. Se representa un antiguo diseño Magnox con un vaso de… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Magnox Ltd — is a nuclear decommissioning Site Licence Company (SLC) controlled by Reactor Sites Management Company, its designated Parent Body Organisation (PBO). It operates under contract for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, a government body set up… …   Wikipedia

  • Magnox reactor — См. Магноксовый реактор Термины атомной энергетики. Концерн Росэнергоатом, 2010 …   Термины атомной энергетики

  • Magnox® — /magˈnoks/ (also without cap) noun A material consisting of any of various magnesium based alloys containing a small amount of aluminium, from which containers for the fuel of certain nuclear reactors are made adjective Denoting a container or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Magnox — Schematic diagram of a Magnox nuclear reactor showing gas flow. Note that the heat exchanger is outside the concrete radiation shielding. This represents an early Magnox design with a cylindrical, steel, pressure vessel. For other uses of the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Magnox — Schéma d un réacteur nucléaire Magnox Magnox est un type de réacteur nucléaire développé au Royaume Uni. Sommaire 1 Description …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Magnox — Das Akronym Magnox bezeichnet das Hüllrohrmaterial der Natururan Brennstäbe, die in den britischen Magnox Reaktoren eingesetzt werden. Magnox ist nicht zu verwechseln mit MOX Brennelementen. Magnox (magnesium non oxidizing) ist eine Knetlegierung …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Reactor vessel — In a nuclear power plant, the reactor vessel is a pressure vessel containing the coolant and reactor core. Not all power reactors have a reactor vessel. Power reactors are generally classified by the type of coolant rather than the by the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Reactor refrigerado por gas — Un reactor refrigerado por gas o GCR (su acrónimo en inglés, Gas Cooled Reactor) fue un reactor nuclear que utilizaba grafito como moderador de neutrones y dióxido de carbono como refrigerante. Aunque existen otros tipos de reactores refrigerados …   Wikipedia Español

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